Our Story

In Latin, “Auxilio” means to help. This is the core to our existence in healthcare in providing printer volume and device management and data security process improvement solutions for the nation’s leading hospitals and health systems.

In 2004, Auxilio (ticker: AUXO) was and still is the only provider to offer a fully comprehensive managed print services program to hospitals and health systems. The vendor neutral approach, providing full-time, on-site staff to manage all aspects of a hospital’s printer fleet is revolutionary. Our methodology optimizes workflows, maximizes staff productivity and guarantees 20% cost savings in the first year – no other provider can say the same.

As our portfolio of many of the nation’s leading hospitals grew to over 100 hospitals, our partnership within healthcare grew as well. We began to support hospitals and health systems with their growing needs in data security due to HIPAA regulations and cyber-attacks.

In 2014, Auxilio acquired Delphiis, an information security consulting and SaaS technology company. Auxilio focused on finding a partner that is leading in the data security space, especially in IT risk and process development to address the challenges in healthcare.

Shortly after the acquisition of Delphiis, Auxilio launched our Security Solutions Group whose mission is to help hospitals and health systems create and implement a unique and proven prescriptive process strategy to mitigate risks across an organization, conduct risk assessments, or provide remediation during an incident or breach.

Both our Managed Print Services and Security Solutions teams deliver customized service, provide cost-savings and solve enterprise-wide problems.