Delphiis News – Applications Update March 2015

Dear Delphiis Users,

We have some big news for you today!

Our Director of Corporate Marketing, Carrie Mulcahy says “In an effort to simplify our application suite for its users, we have moved to one brand name: Delphiis™.” The module names Sonar, Propulsion and Reflect are now simply referred to what each module does. The new module names are: Risk Assessments, Business Intelligence and Remediation Roadmap.

She goes onto say “We are very excited to continually update and improve our Delphiis™ IT Risk Manager application suite for you, our valued client.

In addition, Auxilio has launched a new module: Knowledge Share. It allows you and your partner organizations to share data. This module helps you save time and effort on conducting assessments.

See below for more details and screenshots

1. New names, same great functionality

Fear not, all the same great functionality is still there and as usual we made some improvements to that too. See below.

With this effort we gave our launch page a face lift.

New Launch page


2. A new look

We gave our site a little color change. We hope you like it.

New look


3. Responder Page update
We have reorganized our responder page to provide a much clearer call to action.
Upon entering the responder page users are greeted with a quick guide pop-up that will point them in the right direction.

Responder Guidance pop-up

Responders will then go to the new ‘Assessment Inbox’. Here responders will see all open assignments in one place. All completed assessments can be found under ‘All Assessments’.
We moved the action column and links to the right and stacked them. This provides quicker orientation and sense for the responder.

New Responder page

4. Custom Alerts
Need a reminder about something in the Delphiis™ portal? Need a note about a follow up task? Plan on doing yearly re-assessments?
You can now create custom alerts that will be sent to your alerts inbox on the date you specified.

2 ways to accomplish this:
1. From the assessment details ‘Custom Alerts’ tab.

Custom Assessment Alert 1

This will copy and paste the assessment title in the alert

Custom Assessment Alert

2. On the alert pop-up itself. Here you can also see and manage all current custom alerts.

Custom Alert mgmt

5. Auto Assign Question type enhanced function
The Auto Assign question type can now be used in a fashion where it doesn’t have to be answered and can be marked as ‘n/a’. This is especially useful in case you would like to use the Auto Assign as a child question in a question type ‘Parent/Child’ scenario.
For example:

Parent: Will any servers be configured during this project?
Child: Please provide a name and email address for who will manage and support these servers.

Now in case a responder marks the parent as ‘No’, the Auto Assign will be marked as ‘n/a’. The trick here is what to do with the main assessment questions that were connected with the Auto Assign (in this case category: Server)? We mark them automatically as answered ‘n/a’ as well, with a timestamp of the preparation responder who answered the Parent question with ‘No’
This works the same way if the Auto Assign is a standalone question and ‘n/a’ as an answer choice is enabled.


Auto Assign na



Auto Assign na 2

Automatic main assessment response:

Auto Assign na 3

6. Tag Filter

We added a tag filter to the main assessment page. If you use tags, for example to categorize assessments by departments, it is now simpler to filter by them.

Tags filter

7. Assessment Ownership Transfer
Assessments can now be transferred to a different owner in your organization. This function can only be performed by the Org Admin of your organization.

Change Ownership 1

Change Ownership 2

8. Notes field in Reports
Assessors can now add notes to each report section of all report types. And include them in the PDF if you choose to do so. These notes are not visible for responders.

Report Notes field

Additional Notes

Let us know if you have any questions or issues.
If you run into unexpected app behavior, please clear your cache by pressing Ctrl and F5 when in the app.
Keep us posted on more features and updates you would like to see!

Thank you for using Delphiis!

Your Auxilio Team