Delphiis News – Applications Update May 2015

Dear Delphiis Users,

We are excited to announce another big milestone for our Delphiis application.

We are now able to offer SingleSignOn (SSO)/Federated Access/Active Directory integration capabilities for organizations. If you are interested, please contact us.

Apart from this big news, we’ve also completed a release cycle that further enhances our Delphiis Risk Manager application. This update includes several useful features.

See below for more details and screenshots:


  1. Risk Assessments Main Table View Options

We have added a nice set of functionality and options to the main assessment page in Risk Assessments. You can now make this page much more of a status page to stay up to date on all your assessments. And at any time you can export the whole table to Excel for status reports.

We are offering 3 new table view options (in addition to the ‘Standard’ that you are used to):

  • Quick View
  • Progress Tracking
  • Custom

Table View 1

New columns provide different variations of table views. These include: :

  • Preparation Received (Manual checkbox)
  • Main Assessment Received (Manual checkbox)
  • Required Documents Received (text field displaying in table. Click to edit)
  • Compliance % (numerical field displaying in table. Click to edit)
  • Status Notes (text field displaying in table. Click to edit)
  • Last Date Contacted (Calendar field)
  • Next Date to Contact (Calendar field. Automatically creates a custom alert/email on the date specified: ‘Follow up on<Assessment tile>))

Table View 2

And of course ‘Custom’ let’s you combine your own table view via column toggle. The custom setting is stored in you cache.

Column Toggle



  1. Assignment Details

We’ve added a tab with a “read only” version of your assignment table to the assessment details. Now there’s no need to enter the assessment workflow if you just want to check assignment status.

Assignment Details



  1. Copy a question in a Template/Question set

You can now easily duplicate a question when you are building your question set.

Simply click ‘Duplicate Question’ in any question menu and the same question will be inserted below. *Note: Advanced Risk Calculation is copied as well.

Duplicate Question



  1. Update to Data Collection page in ‘Business Intelligence’

Data Collection now includes all other applicable question types in addition to ‘Multiple Choice’:

Yes/No, Scale & Checkboxes that can be filtered in the filter section.

Reflect 2



  1. Business Intelligence. Choose which sections to include in PDF reports.

You can now choose which sections and graphs to include in the PDF printout of your Business Intelligence reports.




  1. Updated controls

We have exchanged the tags and column filters in several places. They are faster, more user-friendly, and include search.

New Tags control

Filter Search

Status Filter


Additional Notes

Let us know if you have any questions or issues.
If the app behaves unexpectedly, please clear your cache by pressing Ctrl and F5 while you’re in the app.
Keep us posted on more features and updates you would like to see!

Thank you for using Delphiis!

Your Auxilio Team