EVP Mike Gentile Talks Security Benchmarks, Success, and Tips for the CISO

It’s probably one of your toughest challenges as a CISO: convincing management to let you conduct a new, usable security assessment. Despite the risk of a small (or large) breach that can cost millions, getting the brass on board to allot the time and resources for an assessment can be a huge, uphill battle.

So, how do you do get the blessing of management to take a comprehensive look at how patient info flows through your hospital network? Change the conversation.

According to Mike Gentile, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Security with Auxilio, with just one word, it’s entirely possible to get your hospital administration team to give you the resources and time you need to monitor and measure security of your network.

In this quick, three-minute video, one of three, you’ll not just learn how to give your assessment momentum, but three things that make that datable usable and actionable. Watch the video:

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Once you have your assessment of your security environment up and going, what defines success? Should your work be air-tight to the most skilled hackers, or simply solid enough to stave off most risks? In this very short video, Mike explains how to define when your assessment is ready for prime time:

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And finally, if you’re a CISO, how do you set up a security assessment? What’s your roadmap to success? Gentile literally wrote the book on being a CISO – titled The CISO handbook – and here’s a quick, core look at the duties of a CISO and setting up a security assessment:

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For more details on what Mike and the Auxilio team does for healthcare systems – from conducting security assessments to forensics – visit Auxilio’s IT security hub.