• Case Study, Workflow Automation

    Auxilio iEXCHANGE

    Through streamlined workflow capabilities, iEXCHANGE for physician orders allows the hospital manage all faxed physician orders electronically. Its orders can be reviewed for accuracy and routed to

  • Print Device Security

    Auxilio Print Security Checklist

    Auxilio's print device security experts help address potential vulnerabilities and help meet complicated compliance requirements. Our team delivers transparency into the security status of the

  • iTRACK case study

    Case Study, Workflow Automation

    Auxilio iTRACK

    Registration wait times often correlate directly with patient satisfaction, with high wait times typically lead to decreased satisfaction. Implementing iTRACK, made noticeable changes in reduced

  • iEXCHANGE with iREG

    Case Study, Workflow Automation

    Auxilio iEXCHANGE with iREG

    With iEXCHANGE, hospitals have a solution that allows it to efficiently handle the management of faxed physician orders through streamlined workflow capabilities that also assist in ensuring

  • Improve Patient Experience

    eBook, Workflow Automation

    Auxilio Improve Patient Experience

    Download this eBook to learn how to decrease patient wait times while improving the patient

  • InfoSecurity Case Study

    Case Study, Print Device Security

    Auxilio Vendor Independence & Security

    Auxilio is the only vendor neutral Print as a Service (or Managed Print Services) who has designed a proprietary based compilation of information on device and data policies, software applications

  • Cost savings

    Case Study, Print as a Service

    Auxilio Guaranteed Savings

    Auxilio guarantees cost savings from day-one of the contract. Download this case study to learn how Auxilio reduced print volume by 11% and saved over $3M dollars in the first three years of the

  • Workflow Efficiency Solutions

    Case Study, Document Consulting

    Auxilio Workflow Efficiency

    Registration is the beginning of the complex workflow process and involves a wide range of manual, paper-driven tasks that are critical to maintaining the continuity of care. Download this case study

  • Streamline EHR Software

    Case Study, Document Consulting

    Auxilio EHR Implementation

    Connectivity between the EHR system and other devices is instrumental to enable the hospital to share secure medical records between all care providers and the patient. Download this case study to

  • Going Green Case Study

    Case Study, Print as a Service

    Auxilio Reduce Print Volume

    Auxilio helps hospitals institutionalize "green" programs, with three goals of reducing print volume, design an education program for users and implement a long-term cost-cutting program. Download

  • Case Study, Print as a Service

    Auxilio Print Environment Workflow

    Auxilio conducts a comprehensive audit of each area of the hospital and delivers an in-depth situational workflow analysis that examined usage patterns and uncovered waste and inefficiencies of the