Streamlined and Integrated

As a hospital executive, you know it’s not just about hard cost savings when it comes to improving the bottom line. Process improvements designed to manage and monitor vital business and clinical processes in copy, print, fax and scan infrastructures are important elements of employee and patient satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at a typical hospital challenge before our team steps in:

Before Auxilio Process Image

Get the picture? It’s all a little confusing for the caregiver and certainly not a best business model to ensure efficiency and productivity levels for staff.

Simply put, when Auxilio steps in, you can count on us to transform these fragmented processes and procurement methods into streamlined integrated best use systems of operational excellence.

Auxilio Process Image

Down to the penny, you know where every dollar is spent and how and why every piece of paper and device is used across the enterprise. Plus, our proprietary informational database of hospital equipment use, per piece/per unit clears up financial confusion and clears out the clutter of disconnect to the process. In an average year, we support over 100,000 caregivers in the workplace, manage over 1.5 billion pieces of paper and monitor over 50,000 different devices. 

Watch an overview video of our unique healthcare focused MPS program to learn more.

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