Our designs for improvement strategies that deliver the right solutions to create savings and satisfaction is in our company’s DNA. We base our performance principles on integrity, transparency, professionalism, knowledge and commitment to serve.

Design Strategy

Auxilio uncovers inefficiencies and customizes every customer’s need to precision through a drill down assessment of current workflows and financial and security reviews through real-time observation and expert insight. We design improvement plans strategically “built-to-suit” to monitor, manage and measure outputs and productivity levels to control and reduce spend, improve security and create inherent efficiency of the highest standards.

Deliver Strategies

Auxilio’s professional document strategy consultants work in collaboration with corporate staff, shareholders, board members, external resource providers and customers to drive advanced problem-solving decision-making across the enterprise – working hand-in-hand with stakeholders and end-users on an individual basis or with entire  departments through research and training, and superb communication.

Drive Savings

Auxilio customers can expect savings of upwards of 20-40% and choose between one of our flexible rate plans of cost-plus or fixed pay-per-use. Our business model delivers transparency and visibility into usage, spend and opportunities for additional operational improvements to further drive down costs.

Print as a Service

PRaaS is new generation of Managed Print Service (MPS) programs, giving hospitals choices and clear defined outcomes from the service(s) provided to manage fragmented and high volume print environments.

Our consultants provide recommendations and steps to greatly reduce costs, improve document workflow and enhance security at the input and output stages to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Strong Security

Our print security consultants work with your team to create an integrated strategy that safeguards the numerous access points in a hospital’s print infrastructure.