Take Action on Hospital Cost Reduction with Print as a Service (PRaaS)

PRaaS is the next generation of Managed Print Service (MPS) programs, giving hospitals choices and clear defined outcomes from the service(s) provided to manage fragmented and high volume print environments in healthcare.

Even with the implementation of EHR systems, millions of pages are printed per month. For example, a 1,500 bed hospital prints 8 million pages per month. With more than 60-70% of this print volume originating from the EHR system. Print volume from the EHR system should be closer to 40% of a hospital’s overall volume. With the amount of documents printed, hospitals are easily susceptible of a data breach.

PRaaS, is simply a service to ensure administrative and clinical staff can print on demand. However, with a commitment from the hospital to make print management, known as an orphan project, a strategic initiative, Auxilio will help break the cycle of inefficient processes.

Scalable and Customizable PRaaS Plans

Take your current print management program towards a next generation solution with our Unlimited PRaaS strategy. The most effective way to transform your business in terms of savings, security and workflow is with insight into your document life cycle. Our healthcare document management experts analyze the flow of digital and printed document information to determine what and why information is being shared and printed. This enlightenment is the key to document management process transformation.

In addition to our Extended PRaaS plan, the Unlimited PRaaS plan includes a team of document management experts to work with you to identify opportunities for streamlining and integrating user workflow solutions to drive even more cost savings in your hospital. Finally, a solution that addresses the heavy document related processes by automating the document workflow,  gaining oversight and upgrading security through the input and output stages to be in line with HIPAA regulations.

Only Auxilio has the technology and experience in security and workflow automation to boost efficiency, improving patient experience and financial outcomes.

Our document management team provides:

  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • Print policy/procedure development
  • Security of PHI (printed, stored on the device and on the network)
  • Break/fix
  • Help desk management
  • Toner management
  • Single invoice
  • Right-sizing devices
  • User training

Take advantage of document management resources who are responsible for managing everything related to print, copy, scan and fax. As the only true vendor neutral provider, our approach is to right-size based on departmental needs instead of pushing more devices.

Every day of the PRaaS engagement, hospitals save money through our guaranteed savings program of up to 20%. With a single point of contact we provide one invoice for all print related vendors and through detailed reporting the management team will receive the transparency needed to ultimately understand where each dollar is spent and paper volume by department.

Our experts provides:

  • Break/fix
  • Help desk management
  • Toner management
  • Single invoice
  • Right-sizing devices
  • User training

Utilizing the best technology and crowd sourcing talent our Virtual Team tracks print volume, delivers just-in-time toner and calls in our break/fix team from your surrounding community to help lighten the load on IT.

Building Print and Document Management Programs that Inspire

Our scalable and customized PRaaS programs manage all or some aspects a hospital’s print, copy, scan and fax environment. PRaaS streamlines and improves operational outcomes while alleviating the burden of responsibility of a complicated multi-faceted program on hospital staff. Hospital cost reduction, improved workflow and end user satisfaction are the ultimate outcomes of PRaaS.

PRaaS plans can start at any time and work alongside a current MPS provider or exclusively to minimize the number of vendors involved delivering a transparent service arming IT and supply chain with analytics, not provided by other vendors, to drive further positive cost-reduction changes.

Our PRaaS has a team of print and document management experts operating as the only true vendor neutral approach in the market today – we won’t push more devices, instead we want to reduce devices and costs. Our simple and competitive rate plans make it easy to transform your hospital today.

Benefits of Auxilio's PRaaS
  • Vendor neutral
  • Guarantee 20%+ cost savings
  • Dedicated resident team
  • Improved workflow
  • Scalable service level agreement (SLA)
  • Reallocate FTEs
  • Minimize risk of PHI
  • Access to data to drive change

Document and Print Assessment

Bon Secours

Auxilio’s unique approach to assisting us in better managing the assets and expenses of document and print workflow is comprehensive and strategically meets our goal of controlling and driving down costs.


David McCombs, Bon Secours Health System
Trinity Health

Auxilio’s unique vendor neutral, healthcare exclusive approach and strong focus on cost-savings and operational excellence is key to our document and print management program.

Donnette Herring, Trinity Health