Comprehensive Security Healthcare Needs

Security continues to be a priority in healthcare, however even the most mature security program often overlooks printed documents and the devices printing PHI. With employees being one of the leading causes of data breaches and the ease for outside attackers to gain access to a device and data on a hospital’s network, a comprehensive security strategy of the print environment is crucial now more than ever before.

Complying with HIPAA regulations just got easier with Auxilio working for you behind the scenes. Our print security consultants work with your team to create an integrated strategy that safeguards the numerous access points in a hospital’s print infrastructure.

Depend on Auxilio's Security Expertise

Our security consultants work with you to:

  • Assess for security vulnerabilities
  • Develop best practice policies and procedures aligned to business objectives
  • Identify and implement solutions to improve security infrastructure
  • Provide continuous security monitoring
  • Deliver a comprehensive security report card
Make Document Crimes a Thing of the Past

In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA), devices such as printers, copiers and faxes are considered to be workstations and are required to be secured and maintained to the set standards of HIPAA. Due to the numerous access points where PHI can reside, print devices are extremely vulnerable and highly overlooked. 

Our team assesses the risk of print devices, develops a remediation plan and provides on-going management of vulnerabilities to comply with HIPAA requirements. A few of the areas our security experts track to mitigate the risk of printed and stored PHI include:

  • Securing access to the device
  • Auditing users and the device
  • Properly destroying or clearing the hard drive
  • Maintaining data encryption of the device

Checklist of Vulnerable Access Points